translator of turkish. phd student in cultural anthropology.


The Clitoris that Drags Her Skirts

By Sema Kaygusuz

“In order to preserve the manhood of men, Mary needs to be chaste, Themis needs to hold the scales of justice, Artemis needs God knows how many boobs, Cybele needs her huge ass, Zaynab needs her Karbala lamentations and Fatma needs her totemic hand. Goddesses, saints, icons spring up everywhere, all the while women are forced to perform a grotesque parody of femininity. Even if we fasted the whole year, even if we took vows of silence, even if we prayed ten times a day, even if we ploughed the fields like oxen, we still wouldn’t be able to attain the status of those symbols. Men, though, maşallah, they obsess over those symbols but treat the whole world like it’s their whore. Why?! Because women scare the shit out of them.”


Nicholas Glastonbury