translator of turkish. phd student in cultural anthropology.


After Ugur Kurt’s Murder in Okmeydanı: A conversation with Ayfer Karakaya-Stump

By Emrah Yıldız

"When evaluating the police blockades and police violence used in neighborhoods known for their Alevi/leftist identities, it is useful to remember that these neighborhoods are also the targets of the AKP’s gentrification policies in Istanbul, known under the rubric of urban transformation. The neighborhoods in question are at the same time areas that show the most organized resistance against urban transformation, in part thanks to the support of some leftist organizations. Consequently, it would not be far off the mark to imagine that the police violence carried out in these neighborhoods, by means of intimidating residents of the neighborhood, may also have additional goals such as dismantling the resistance to urban transformation and marginalizing leftist organizations, who support the resistance, by associating them with violence."


Nicholas Glastonbury